To provide high quality products with continuous innovation


To be the main supplier of Diagnostics Reagents in Africa


International standards


We thank you for your confidence, loyalty and trust in JOURILABS. We decided to be establish our operations in Africa to meet the growing demand and need of this essential market. We leverage on the 20+ years of expertise in researching, developing and providing our products to various international markets. Our experience penetrated various international market over the last two decades. Successfully we have been able to develop strong brand image along with customer satisfaction through high-quality products.

The aim of our laboratories is to achieve the highest possible quality across all stages including development, innovation as well as the production. That can be best achieved through building our DNA based on communication. We are driven by the continuous feedback we receive from our clients. We make sure we understand their requirements and on that basis we act through providing the best possible support through our products.

We trust in our flexibility, independence and engagement in the community we are working in.
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